Sunday, 18 January 2009

To Blog or Not

Tuner had a good point that one should just create the tunes, finish them, be done, hope somebody likes it and move on. What's the point of blogging it? Who cares?

I think it's a quest for understanding and enlightenment in some respects. By observing thoughts and events within a process, perhaps the process itself can be further understood, and that might even provide another means of entertainment? (I'll add a spontaneous funny joke in a few months, once the plans are drawn up!)

Paradoxically, the finished tunes are almost an insignificant part of the process of creating tunes. The creative/scientific processes required to meet the objective are far more important and enjoyable than the end result.

So why should we only share the end result? Shouldn't we share those moments in the studio when we're creased up on the floor laughing? Shouldn't we share the enjoyment? Will they never be heard by anyone? Is it all for somebody else, or is it all for ourselves? Hmmmm.... have many questions young man - you must remember that real answers are provided when no questions are asked and you just play an E Minor...

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