Saturday, 13 February 2010

It's a bit like shopping

A 2-3 year cycle in creating tunes is a bit like popping down the shop for some messages - you're sure why you're going, and where you're going, and you know what you want to get. When you get there you get some things that weren't on the list, but that's ok coz you like the extra stuff you got. Then you get home and realise you've forgotten the essentials and regret not making a list. In hindsight, there were some benefits to going down the shop, but you wish you'd done it better and overall you've let down all the people at home by not delivering the products they all wanted.

All you had to do was sit down and think about what you'd really like and record it, and then when you get to the shop adjust your plan to suit available items, but only based on what you enjoy - so you capture long term strategy and the dynamics of short-term impulsiveness in your shopping basket. When you get home you're happy that you did what you wanted to and what you feel you should have done. You can stand over your products with dignity.

The only problem is that the stuff you bought tends to start going stale - and there's always a risk that for everything you've spent, you end up with a fridge full of crap.

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