Monday, 30 August 2010

Perspective Sucks

When great progress is made on a couple of tunes, suddenly the other tunes drop down in quality level. So although you felt 80-90% complete with 10 tunes, suddenly you find yourself going back towards 60-70% as you appreciate the effort required for the marginally higher quality you must strive for (note: percentages are based on general vibe, despite attempts to employ some scientific measurements and approach!). And then a tune gets stale and loses the vibe, so you've got a big gaping hole in the whole mood

There is some benefit from increased duration - it's like somebody else's song when you come back to work on it, especially when you can't remember how to play it. But I think we've had enough duration for quite a while - could do with more completion, less duration!

How will we get it done....?
Option 1... we could probably complete to a satisfactory level if we had 2 weeks full time in the studio, 12 hours a day, working through the weekends coz it's fun, that's 168 hours of studio time. So, at 1 hour per month that's 14 years.... emmm... no thanks!

Option2... All Nighty Whitey once every 2 weeks gives about 6 hours studio time, so we could get 2 weeks work done in about a year

Option3... 3 hours one night per week, with additional 6 hours every 2 weeks would reduce time to about 6 months. hmmmm... but disjointed time is worth less than extended working blocs, so 6 months is optimistic.

So we need at least 3 nights per week, with an additional larger block of about 6 hours every week, put all other aspects of life on hold, get focussed and get it done. And we might come out of this alive in 3 months.

So how do we set a start date.... another re-start date... Tomorrow.

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